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Gain visibility and credibility:
bylined articles demonstrate expertise

Standing out from the competition and attracting clients is increasingly challenging in today’s info-overload, tweet-speed marketplace.

So how do you create visibility and establish credibility for yourself and your organization?

With bylined articles in respected online and print publications read by prospects and influencers in your target markets.

While this could take many days of your valuable time, by relying on our experience, media contacts and writing expertise, you can quickly and cost-effectively boost your visibility and credibility.

At CGL Communications we strategize, place, and write articles – as well as columns, white papers, reports and other bylined documents – that showcase our clients’ ideas and expertise. Well written, well placed articles can be a powerful business development strategy, enabling individuals and organizations to:

  • Build awareness
  • Enhance name recognition
  • Demonstrate thought leadership
  • Strengthen search engine rankings
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Educate target audiences
  • Become a published author

If you would like to transform your ideas and knowledge into targeted articles under your byline, communicate with us.

"In a word, this is 'outstanding.' The messaging is factual, yet upbeat, professional yet personal...the stories are heartwarming, direct and real."

Board member, charitable organization

What’s in a byline?

Well, if it’s your name in the byline of a published article, it could be visibility, credibility and differentiation for you and your company. Read more...

"You did a simply outstanding job...I was blown away by what you were able to produce based on a slide presentation and brief phone interview."

Partner, professional firm

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, credentialed experts and articles in business magazines are among the most trusted sources of information about a company.

Combining the two – bylined articles by an organization's experts in  appropriate publications – can therefore be a powerful communications tool for organizations wishing to build trust among target audiences.  

"It was great dealing with you; thank you for making this article so easy for me."

Partner, accounting firm

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